The Thyroid is a gland, which is in the front of the neck. This gland controls your body’s metabolism.The food we eat is converted into enrgy by this gland. Its also affects your heart, muscles, bones & cholesterol. Many people knows what is Thyroid, but very few of them knows the reasons about it. Let us show you what causes that you may have to face the problem of having thyroid.


1- Soy Products
Isolation intensive soy protein, soy products such as capsules and powder excessive intake can cause thyroid.

2- Medicines
Effects of medicines taken for heart disease has negative effect on our bodies. The thyroid is suspected cause of that.

3- Some diseases
The Pituitary Gland may not work proper after some diseases. Hormons may not be produce properly later.

4-Iodine is the leading cause
Lack of iodine in the diet or the use of more iodine is added to the problem of the thyroid.

5-Radiation Therapy
Head, neck or chest of the radiation therapy or Tonsils, lymph nodes, thymus gland, radiation therapy to the problem may be due to the difficulty of Thayrait.

When stress levels rise, it has the most impact on our thyroid gland. This gland increases the secretion of hormones that increases risk of hypothyroidism.

7-Family History
If anyone in your family have thyroid problems you are much more prone to thyroid. This is the most important reason.

During pregnancy and even after that , it makes mass changes in body of a woman that may increase stress. This may increase thyroid problems.

Initially, after the snail it becomes thyroid problems. Nowadays it has largely been overcome.



1-What is the thyroid

The thyroid gland is in the lower part of our throats. Particular hormones T-3, T-4 and TSH secretion occurs cause of this gland. The imbalance between the amount of its adverse impact on our health. All cells of the body, needs these hormones, to work properly.
Moreover, the process of metabolism is controlled by T-3 and T-4 hormones. So increase or decrease in secretion of this hormones affects your Sleep, Diet and Mood.

2-Why is the problem

Generally there are two kind of problems in this. The first one is called, “Hypothyroidism”. In this thyroid gland starts working slow and can not produce enough amount of hormones T-3 & T-4 which increases level if TSL in body. On the second end in “Hyperthayroidijm” thyroid gland becomes hyper active and creates secration of T-3 & T-4 more than a limit which decreases the level of TSL in the body. Research done till now says in any country 10% of the total population suffers from Hyperthayroidijm. Both of this situation is harmful to body. This issue is more troubling in women than it is in men.

3-What is the reason

Doctors and scientists have not been able to find about the exact reasons for this problem yet ,because it is not like cold – a contagious disease, nor its relationship catering, from pollution and lifestyle.According to doctors, it is called Immune Diseases. It means that the change in the amount of hormones T-3, T-4 and TSL produced by the thyroid gland creates some reasons in human body that generates problem. And there are still some more reasons but that are unknown.

The Problem is mostly genetic.

Many Times it happens that the birth of the baby may not have a well-grown Thoyraid gland or in some cases, despite of the development of the glands that secrete hormones is not complete. This may be due to this problem is inherent in the child.

There are some anti-Boyotik and steroid drugs which influence the secretion of hormones from glands. And body resembels the symptoms of resembling Haipothayrodijm.

4-Characteristics of hyper-Thoyraid

  • Weightloss
  • faster Heart beats
  • loose-motion
  • Feeling Heliosis
  • shivering hand and legs
  • Irritability and Fatigue
  • Irregularities in menstrual cycle

Prevention and Treatment

- Even if you are not having a problem, every woman should pass through thyroid test once a year.

- If you can see any symptoms of thyroid, you should pass through thyroid test twice a year.

- Before conniving a child, make sure to have thyroid test. If there are some thyroid troubles then try to make it reduce before delivery. Thyroid troubles during pregnancy leads to miscarriage, anemia or death of child after delivery.

- It is necessary to make a thyroid test of child from 3 to 5 days of birth.

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